Real Club Náutico de la Coruña with the Authorization of the Real Federación Española de Vela in co-operation with the Snipe Class International Racing Association (SCIRA) cordially invite you to attend the 2017 Snipe World Championship Regatta for the Commodore Hub E. Isaacks Trophy, O’Leary Trophy, Earl Elms Perpetual Trophy at  from 5-11 August, 2017.


Eligible competitors shall enter by completing an entry form on official website for registrations Entries must be received no later than the table below. All registrations must be confirmed by 24th July 2017 with the payment of the entry fee at the time of online registration.


Initial Registration period

7th February 2017 (6 months prior)

Initial Registration period ends

7th May 2017 (3 months prior)

Allocation open, posted on website

14th May 2017 (3 months prior less 1 week)

Unfilled reallocation entries lost

19th June 2017 (8 weeks prior)

Close of entries

24th July 2017 (2 weeks prior)

Waiting List Priority for Snipe World Championship

an email will be sent to those on the waiting list when their entry is accepted. The maximum number of entrants is 80 per the Deed of Gift.  World Champions do not count in the 80 total, so 85 will be the final entry number.

Priority Name Country Status Paid  
1 Lombardi BRA registered PAID 72
2 Prosperi ITA registered PAID 73
3 Kamiya JPN registered PAID 74
4 Garcia ESP registered PAID  75
5 Davis USA registered PAID 76
6 TBD POR registered PAID  77
7 Savorani ITA registered PAID 78
8 Kunimi JPN registered PAID 79
9 Miguez ESP registered PAID 80
10 McTighe USA registered PAID 81
11 Gagliotti BRA registered PAID 82
12 TBD POR registered PAID 83
13 Inoue JPN  invited PAID  84
14 Guerrero ESP  invited PAID  85
15 Voss USA  waitlist    
16 Bari ITA  waitlist    
17 Hashimoto JPN  waitlist    
18 Matheu ESP  waitlist    
19 Rosa BRA  waitlist    
20 Gattulli ITA  waitlist    
21 Bermudez ESP  waitlist    
22 Deben ESP  waitlist    
23 Arroyo ARG  waitlist    
24 Bethencourt ESP  waitlist    
25 Manresa ESP  waitlist    
26 Miranda ESP  waitlist    
27 Ramon ESP  waitlist    
28 Valjus FIN waitlist    
29 Echevarria COL waitlist